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Cat’s Game


Cat’s Game

An original poem by Jennifer Clark Tinker

Scratch that game

It’s a cat’s game

No one gets fame

We’re all the same

It’s a cat’s game

It’s not that we’re lame

We played a good game

But the cat got it all the same

Who invited that cat?

Can we send it back?

It’s too hard to tame

The cat that got our game

No winner is proclaimed

And the cat is to blame

Here we are stuck with another cat’s game

I Am From Pathways


Today I am linking up with the She Loves Magazine “I Am From” Synchroblog

I am from charging cords, from Legos, and stacks of Bibles.

I am from the clutter with pathways cut through.

I am from the parched grasses, the pecan tree whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from The Farming Game and quick wit, from Idella and Lenore.

I’m from creativity and rumination and long, drawn-out discussions.

I’m from preventing fires, and not being the boss of my brother, and wanting them to know we are Christians by our love.

I’m from summers in Massachusetts where I tried to forge pathways through muck.

I’m from Columbus, Ohio and from people whose waterways were first forged by the Mayflower, venison summer sausage and special carrots.

From a husband who saves turtles, a tireless servant of God, long letters tucked away that cut pathways for love to emerge.

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