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From Childhood Boredom to Profound Lesson

I’m sharing a story that I’ve carried with me for 30 years. It’s about the time I barred the doors of the Old North Church on Boston’s historic Freedom Trail.

I stood in the doorway and declared the church closed. I was just being silly, but my dad let me know that “welcome” in the church is serious.

You can hear the story and what I’ve learned from it over at Life & Liberty:

>>>Click here to listen to my unexpected lesson from the Freedom Trail.<<<

When I Grow Up

When I was four years old I had it all figured out about what I was going to be when I grew up. It was a no-fail, four-part plan. I was going to be:

  1. A Nurse: I wanted to be a nurse because my mom was a nurse and she is my hero. I wanted to show others the love and care that she showed me.
  2. A Teacher: I wanted to be a teacher because teachers are nice and they read to you.
  3. A Cowgirl: I wanted to be a cowgirl, because, well, the hat and boots.
  4. A Mom: I wanted to be a mom because as a kid I was pretty wise to the fact that kids are pretty great people to have around and I wanted lots of them.
What about you? What plans did you have for your life when you were a kid?
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