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Curbing the Urge to Crush Legos


Confession: whenever I see my son’s Legos on the floor I have the urge to step on them and crush them underfoot just to make the point that he needs to pick up his toys. I’m pretty sure that’s terrible parenting, but the thought goes through my head. Every. Single. Time.

Is my 10 year-old son old enough to take responsibility for his own toys? Of course he is. It’s just that angrily destroying his belongings isn’t the best way to instill a greater sense of responsibility in him.

There’s a term for behaviors like crushing Legos just to teach a lesson. It’s called being “passive-aggressive” which basically means you don’t address the person or problem directly, but you do or say something indirect that undermines the person or situation.

Passive-aggressive behavior is never a good idea in any relationship–parenting included.

This is an excerpt from my new post at Life & Liberty: Why Crushing Legos is Bad Parenting. Click the title to read that post.

That Time When I Met David Housholder

After working with David Housholder (aka Hous) for nearly a year, we finally met in person in Dallas on Tuesday. Hous and his wife, Wendy, were in Dallas for a conference. So my guys and I drove up to have dinner with them.

The funniest thing about meeting Hous in person was the first thing he said to me, “You’re so tiny!” I knew he was tall because he often mentions his height, but I guess I don’t exactly broadcast the fact that I’m rather short. It does just go to show though, that my personality is “larger than life.”

Over at Life & Liberty, I posted a longer version of the story of how we met online and started working together; that post is under the title, The Joy of Meeting People Online (click the title to read that post). But I thought it would be fun to share a couple pictures with y’all right here.
05-27-2014 Hous & Jen

Hous and I, you know, just hanging out in Dallas.


05-27-2014 Epic Tinker-Housholder Summit

The Whole Gang at the Epic Tinker-Housholder Summit: (from left) My husband-David, Me, Hous’s wife-Wendy, my son, Hous


New Sermon from Good Shepherd Sunday



Check out my latest sermon that I preached on Sunday, May 11, 2014 for Good Shepherd Sunday! Thanks to my publisher at Life & Liberty for hosting this and several other of my sermons. Click the photo above to listen. Or use this link:

A Special Kindness Remembered

Thinking some more about my cousin Michael who I mentioned in my Good Friday post, I wrote the story about a time before Michael died that he showed a special kindness to my son. He wanted to share grapes with my son, but grapes would have been a choking hazard for my son at that age. When I told Michael I would have to cut them up first his response surprised me…

Click the title to read the story at Life & LibertyGrapes of Kindness

Mother’s Day is My Day?


I’m over at Life & Liberty today thinking about Mother’s Day and why it’s hard for me to claim the day as mine. Click the title to read that post:

Why I’m Ambivalent about Mother’s Day

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