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Can we find a place between obsessive control and total chaos?



The idea of problems in life being out of our control is often uncomfortable. And it can be downright scary when we assume that our inability to control the outcomes will lead to all-out chaos.

Sometimes to alleviate our fear of chaos we try to clamp down with obsessive measures of control. But then excessive control creates its own kinds of problems.


Which Will it Be?

If you had to pick…would you rather live in a society with obsessive control or total chaos?

Personally, if those were my only choices, I only want the obsessive control if I’m the one doing the controlling. If you’re the one in charge, I like my chaos just fine.

And isn’t that just the thing? I mean, we don’t want things to be out of our control, but we sure don’t want to be under someone else’s control either.

Fortunately, obsessive control and total chaos are not the only options we have. There is a whole range in between these two extremes.

So, how can we loosen our grip without letting everything fall apart?


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