Thoughts about Libertarianism & Individualism


I noted when I first joined the staff at Life & Liberty that I lean libertarian and being over there has given me a chance to work out and express some of that thinking. My column at Life & Liberty today explores the issue of individualism in libertarian thought.

Here’s an excerpt:

I come at my libertarian leanings as a result of my understanding of God and faith. My background is church work and my college course of study was theology. But even before I studied theology in a formal way, my faith was already shaping my libertarian-leaning ideals.

Because I didn’t come at this by studying libertarian political theorists, admittedly I am playing catch-up to understand the landscape of libertarian thought.

I’m learning that one of the big issues in libertarianism is the role of the individual.

Frankly, I am appalled at the hyper-individualism that pops up in some libertarian thought and I’d like to suggest a better way of thinking about the role of the individual as it relates to liberty…

To read the rest of this post, The Trouble with Individualism, click the title.

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