Learn from Disney’s Frozen about Misuse of Power


In Frozen, the character of Queen Elsa is loosely based on the villainous Snow Queen in a story by Hans Christian Anderson. Disney’s choice to make the Snow Queen a sympathetic character was brilliant as it exposes two important realities about our own misuse of power. First, the real villains in our world are only human after all; each of us have the capacity to use our abilities for good or for harm. Second, if you drill down deep enough, the most villainous acts we each commit are driven by fear of some kind.

Read the rest of this essay at Life & Liberty to see how I use the above insights as the basis to further explore the misuse of power in our real lives. Click Elsa’s intense eyes in the picture above to read the essay.

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  1. Posted by Robin Hood on January 25, 2014 at 10:42 am

    I think Elsa’s powers represent the destructive or beautiful qualities of emotions, more than power. How can we learn to express our truth without hurting others?

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