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Curbing the Urge to Crush Legos


Confession: whenever I see my son’s Legos on the floor I have the urge to step on them and crush them underfoot just to make the point that he needs to pick up his toys. I’m pretty sure that’s terrible parenting, but the thought goes through my head. Every. Single. Time.

Is my 10 year-old son old enough to take responsibility for his own toys? Of course he is. It’s just that angrily destroying his belongings isn’t the best way to instill a greater sense of responsibility in him.

There’s a term for behaviors like crushing Legos just to teach a lesson. It’s called being “passive-aggressive” which basically means you don’t address the person or problem directly, but you do or say something indirect that undermines the person or situation.

Passive-aggressive behavior is never a good idea in any relationship–parenting included.

This is an excerpt from my new post at Life & Liberty: Why Crushing Legos is Bad Parenting. Click the title to read that post.

Pros & Cons of Homeschooling


A ministry colleague asked me to identify pros and cons of homeschooling. I made a list and published it at Life & Liberty: Click the link to see that post.

Mother’s Day is My Day?


I’m over at Life & Liberty today thinking about Mother’s Day and why it’s hard for me to claim the day as mine. Click the title to read that post:

Why I’m Ambivalent about Mother’s Day

Maybe Cupcakes Aren’t Something to Freak Out About?


It’s a good thing I was alone when I discovered the cupcake icing on my iPhone. That way I had a chance to choose how to respond to the situation instead of completely blowing my top.

What I wanted to say to my son was, “Now you can never do anything on my phone ever again!!!”

But really?

I mean, really?

Did I really want to revoke all privileges on my phone because of this one icing incident?

Read how I worked through my overreaction about icing on my iPhone in the rest this essay at Life & Liberty:

Why I Want to Make ALL the Rules and You Know You Do Too

On Control Issues & Parenting…


My son will hit double digits next month. These nearly-10 years since his birth have flown by. And all-of-a-suddenly he’s got his own ideas about this young life of his.

We were playing out in the farm field the other day and he asked me whether I was going to stop him from doing something. And I reflected on the reality that it has been a long time since I actually could physically stop him from doing something I was concerned about.

I mean, if a child of 3 darts toward the street, he’s easily caught, picked up and taken to safety. But a child of 9 11/12…

For more of my musings about how I’m dealing with my son’s growing autonomy, click the photo above to go to Life & Liberty to read the rest of this essay, When Kids (and Others) Can’t Be Controlled.

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