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Sent to Serve


I’m guest-posting for Zach Hoag’s Rooted: Revisiting Missional Church series today. My topic is Sent to Serve. I explain in the intro:

As a Deaconess I’m struck by the parallels between missional and diaconal theology. The missional mindset that we are sent on God’s mission to the world closely resembles the diaconal theology that we are sent to serve.

And here is a bit more:

A lot of times in church we think that serving God means that we would have to be a pastor or other paid church staff. We may think we can’t do that, but at least we could sing in the choir or praise team. Or if we’re uncertain about the up front stuff, maybe we could help set up communion or run the sound board for worship.

We often get into the mindset that the truly holy service to God is in the church. But the profound, and often overlooked, message of the sending rite is that we are sent to serve God in our everyday lives. Certainly pastoral duties, musical offerings and behind-the-scenes work at worship are acts of service, but wait, there’s more–much more to our serving.

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P.S. I know what it’s like to follow someone’s blog and then all of a suddenly they want you to go read their guest post somewhere else. When I was new to blog-reading I remember thinking, “I don’t want to read their site, I want to read yours!” But let me assure you, this post is all me and it is every bit as good as what you can read here. I love the generosity of bloggers like Zach in opening his (much larger than mine) platform to people like me. This is a great writing opportunity for me and a great reading opportunity for you if you click over for my post and the others in the Rooted series.

Talking about Downward Mobility

Today I am guest posting at D.L. Mayfield’s site and I’m so excited to be included among so many brilliant voices in her Downward Mobility series. My post is about how my family’s attempt at the American Dream left us pretty groggy.

Here’s an excerpt:

I grew up in a nice, big house and I’ve always wanted to live in a house like that or even better. I’m a homebody. I like to be at home. I like to invite people into my home. I like to have overnight guests in my home. And the nicer the home, the bigger the home, the better off I felt I would be. So I let my dream of a big, nice home cloud my thinking about the (lack of) reasonability of us getting into the housing market in South Florida.

Want to read more of this story?

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And please be sure to look at the other posts in the Downward Mobility series.

I first got to know D.L. Mayfield with her War Photographer series which just got me thinking ever blessedly much. I am grateful to Sarah Bessey whose tweet about Tara Livesay’s War Photographer guest post first turned my attention to D.L. Mayfield.

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