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Finding God Just Seems Easier Some Places

Surf's Up at Lake Michigan

I got to play & frolic, sing & pray, and sit & think for long stretches of time out at Lake Michigan when I was there on my trip at the end of last month. It made me want to stay and stay and stay…

Here are some of my thoughts about what made it so compelling:

There is something about a great body of water that draws me to it, draws me to God, draws me out of myself. I just look out at that lake and I see such power—something so much bigger and more powerful than I am.

All of my cares—my worries—are eclipsed by the lake’s enormity. I don’t forget them but I see them in a broader context.

I see I am not alone. Because also? I know that the God who created that lake is even bigger—even more powerful—than that lake. And I know that God who is more powerful than the lake is also more powerful than my problems.

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