My Son has Surpassed Me

20130426-230602.jpgMy son loves history and geography. He and his dad, a serious history and geography buff, often discuss ancient civilizations and where in the world current events are happening.

When my son was quite young he started getting National Geographic Kids magazine. As his reading fluency increased he began pouring over each issue, regularly coming to me with fascinating facts about the wide world.

Lately he has even been reading the grown-up National Geographic magazine to which my husband is a long term subscriber. Somehow my son reading the big people’s version of the magazine on his own signifies to me that my baby is really growing up.

I mentioned before my distaste for trivia. While I don’t like trivia as a rule, some categories confound me more than others. I loath history and geography questions most of all.

See, not only is my baby growing up, but he is engaging subjects that baffle me. It’s a little intimidating having my 9 year old boy delve into topics that I take only in measured doses.

I knew this time would come, the time when my son would surpass me. I am glad he has a dad who can dive into this stuff with him because I just can’t.

I try not to let it get to me when my son is better than me at something. Rather than lamenting it, I delight in it. I rejoice that he is coming into his own and that my limitations aren’t holding him back.

This parenthood thing takes a careful blend of forming life-giving bonds and fostering healthy independence. I wonder at what point “holding on” is holding my child back. I worry over whether letting him try something hard on his own is letting him down.

But when my son so clearly distinguishes his interests, this I see as a gift. I don’t have to worry about my role when I know he is taking charge.

Even if a small part of me misses being more “in the know,” the greater part of me is glad I don’t have to know it all. Even more, his wide-eyed wonder about all things historical and geographical makes these topics more interesting to me than ever before!

Yes, my son has surpassed me in his love for history and geography, but I’m okay with that. If he asks me to play a game with him though, I will ask that it being anything but trivia.

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  1. Posted by David Tinker on April 28, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    How about some Trivial Pursuit tonight? We could do just the geography questions. ;-).

    Most important is that our boy is finding his own interests and is seeking out reading on his own.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Very coo! I did the same when I was younger. 🙂 Also I remember certain NG topics to this day! 😉 IE: The Afghan Woman.

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