Is Your Giftedness Too Obvious?

“People tell me I’m really good at this, but to me its no big deal.”

If you’ve found yourself saying something like this, then you’ve probably found something in which you are gifted.

20130412-003640.jpgFrom time to time I have led classes in the church to help people discover their unique God-given gifts. I love seeing people light up when they recognize their gifts and live more fully into who God has equipped them to be.

Sometimes churches struggle to fill slots and at the same time people in the church feel like their ideas and talents are overlooked. The church is stronger and better when people’s gifts are lifted up and they are free to exercise those gifts.

There are tools that we can use to help people discover their gifts. I often use the series from Stephen Ministries. I have used tools from other publishers as well, but I like the Stephen Ministries resources because they are very thorough.

As I teach about these gifts and guide people through discovery activities, sometimes people express concern that their gift isn’t unique. They tell me their results showed them something they already knew about themselves. Then they go on to say something to the effect of, “anybody can do that.” They discount the value of their gift because they assume it is universally practiced with ease.

The thing is though, the very thing you or I take for granted about ourselves is something that someone else struggles with. We may think something is easy or “no big deal.” The reason why we think something is easy is because that is what we are gifted in!

I encourage people to look around, ask around and reconsider their assumption that “anyone” can do what they are good at. Chances are good that when they talk to other people about it they’ll discover that not everyone can do it.

If something comes naturally, or seems “easy” to you, don’t overlook it. Embrace it as your gift.

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  1. Such a great point!!!

  2. Posted by Cat on April 21, 2013 at 12:41 am

    One of my co-workers from my church work days was in a wheelchair. So he had super strong arms. For the occasional stapled bulletin, the could get through those suckers fast without getting a sore neck or arm. It was a HUGE deal to me, even if he didn’t always realize it.

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