Why I Shouldn’t Join the Circus

I missed an appointment yesterday. I totally missed it. I completely forgot about it until this afternoon.

I thought to myself, “Now when is that appointment I have scheduled with the eye doctor?”

And then the answer came back, “Yesterday.”

For a long time now I have thought of my life as one of those plate spinners, like at the circus. Just when I get a few areas of my life spinning pretty well, then one begins to wobble slowly. I can’t seem to get there fast enough and it crashes.

This week is one of those. I am finally writing more, I even started this shiny blog to show for it! But then I totally blanked about that appointment.

I’ll call Monday morning and ask very nicely for them to reschedule me. Then I’ll make certain that I show up when I am supposed to. It will all be okay.

Still, I just hate when I let a plate stop spinning.

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  1. Posted by Sandra Callahan Guider on March 17, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Well, Jen, we’ve all been there certainly! Hopefully, after a restful weekend, you’ll be able to keep all those “plates” spinning once again! Love and hugs your way!

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